Filtration technology

Automotive filters are filters that filter impurities or gases. Common automobile filters are air filters, air conditioning filters, oil filters and fuel filters. The impurities of each filter are different, but they are basically impurities of air or liquid types.

For various purposes, the ideal filter media should be selected to ensure its quality and be perfected. Automotive filters can be divided into four main categories:

1. Air filter

In order to make the engine work properly, a large amount of pure air must be inhaled. If the harmful substances (dust, colloid, alumina, acidified iron, etc.) are absorbed into the air, the cylinder and piston components will increase the burden, and abnormal wear will occur, even when the engine oil is mixed, resulting in greater wear and tear, leading to deterioration of engine performance and shortening of engine life. At the same time, the air filter also has the function of silencing. Air filters generally require 10,000 kilometers to be replaced once in order to achieve the best use effect.

2. Air-conditioning filters

It is used to filter the air in the car compartment and the air circulation inside and outside the car compartment. Remove the air in the carriage or dust, impurities, smoke and pollen entering the air in the carriage to ensure the health of passengers. At the same time, the air conditioning filter also has the function of making the windshield not easy to atomize.

3. Oil filter

As a part of internal combustion engine, it plays an important role in lubrication system. It can filter out impurities such as metal debris, carbon particles and gum gradually produced by engine oil which are generated during combustion and mixed into engine oil. These impurities will accelerate the wear of moving parts and easily cause the blockage of lubricating oil path. The oil filter ensures the normal operation of the internal combustion engine, greatly improves the service life of the internal combustion engine, and also prolongs the service life of other parts.

4. Fuel filter

The function of fuel filter is to filter the fuel (gasoline, diesel) needed for engine combustion, prevent foreign matter such as dust, metal powder, water organic matter from entering the engine, prevent engine wear and block the fuel supply system.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the ability of filtering materials is an important factor in filtering technology. Another important thing is that filtering solutions should be as space-efficient and lightweight as possible.

Therefore, fumod filtration technology is a perfect combination of professional technology, design structure and materials. Individual filters are becoming more and more complex components, or constitute the concept of integrated filtration of multifunctional fluid management system, so as to meet all the requirements.